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Les vadrouilles de Ludi


They were on a tour !

"On a warm and beautiful Summer morning, Ludivine succeeded in showing our home village St Jean en Royans in a fresh way. A big thank you for this beautiful day."   Ghislaine, Sylvie, Nicole et Jean-Marc

"We knew St Jean superficially, but Ludivine showed us places (streets, façades, paths...) that we did not know existed. Bravo. This is a tour we recommand."   Marie-Claude

"We were staying at Velo Vercors, the cycling centre in St Jean en Royans and had visited In the previous two years. We had often wandered  round this wonderful and mysterious town and surroundings on foot and bike, but with no understanding of how it came to be and what all the old buildings and watercourses had been used for. Ludi’s tour on an atmospheric and rainy morning gave us a great feel for the place and it was enjoyable being shown round by a local, stopping to chat with friends at every corner."    Steve and Jo

"We were met by our guide near a swan by the church. After a little climb, we did not succeed to move tge orientation table. We then walked to the "White Horse hill", which we fortunately walked down ! Otherwise, we would have been up for a consultation in the hospital (Hôtel-Dieu). Not sure we would have found the right practitionner other that the butcher and his knives ! Then, we saw beautiful characteristic roofs and magnificient façades. We walked along the canal bafore heading back to town. It is the end of the Summer, Automn crocuses were already blooming to remind us of the season and that the night falls quickly. Thank you to Ludivine for sharing the fruit of her passion !"  Nicole et Pierre-André



                                                     A huge thank you to Nicole and Pierre-André, who took the pictures during the 2h tour !   Ludivine

"We really enjoyed meeting Ludi. She gave us a fascinating tour of Saint Jean. Thank you so much."    Max and Julia