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Who am I?


My first experience as a tour guide was eye-opening. Since, La Rochepot Château has had a very special place in my heart.

For me, being a tour guide is not only a job, it is a passion.

It is 2010, I arrive in the Royans. It is love at first sight. I kown it, I deeply feel it, this is where I am going to spend my life. I start exploring the region: all the tourist sites, a lot of hiking and a bit of caving too...

After a few years working as a tour guide, activity leader, sailor and boat captain, I leave the region for professional reasons. However fulfilling these experiences in Burgundy and Savoy... They are not the Royans...

In 2017, I return and work for the Vercors Drôme Tourist Office as a seasonal worker. During this time, I study for and pass a vocational degree to become a professional tour guide.

Once I get the qualitfication, I make one of my most heartly wishes come true: being a freelance tour guide and leading tours of my village, Saint Jean en Royans.

Since 2019, I have had the pleasure to show many visitors round my favourite region and share my passion with them.