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Les vadrouilles de Ludi

Guided tours of Saint Jean en Royans

Guided tour of Saint Jean en Royans - 2h

Let's stroll about in the streets of Saint Jean en Royans to discover the region: landscapes, natural sites, walks, vetigo roads, local food, industrial heritage...

Many topics will be discussed to help you get to know the region as well as possible.

This tour is ideal for people who would like to discover the Vercors-Royans as well as learn soething about its history.


Adults: 10€

Children: 5€


Guided tour of Saint Jean en Royans - 1h

What is the Vercors-Royans? What is there to see, to visit? What are the names of its mountains and where can I go hiking? What about local food, producers and restaurants?

Do you want to know all about the Vercors-Royans? Follow me and you will discover all about the must-sees and lust-knows, including all the "best addresses".


Adults: 6€

Children: 3€


Private tours possible on demand:

For more information or a quote, call me: +33 7 68 92 07 39 or e-mail me on vadrouilles.ludi@gmail.com